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Welcome to "Toronto Mobility", a website designed with the disabled in mind. Do any of the assisted devices here look familiar to you? Do you use any of these? Then this website here may interest you as you will find a list of stores, malls, buildings, attractions, etc. and just how disabled accessible they actually are. Even the streets of Toronto that have no ramp, or great ramps, etc.

Specifics included will be location, what kind of store, whether they have automatic doors, ramps, disabled washrooms, etc. What you will also get are problems you may encounter as well.

You will find a 'thumbs up' and a 'thumbs down' section here. Each section will have a list of places on it. You simply click on the name and it will take you to a page of information concerning that certain place. Some places may actually be found on both sections due to a main problem that possibly effects entry but once you get in the store could be great.

I'm hoping this site becomes interactive and you will add your own experiences to it as well on our bulletin board. Please see the links below.

Some pages even include pictures of the problem or of just how terrific certain areas of the mentioned place/bldg are for the disabled. You will find a "see pics" link beside the description if there are pictures available.

- *Note* "Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down" are for specific businesses. "Places" includes a list of accessible and non accessible bldgs, tourist places, etc.. And "Toronto Streets" are just that, individual streets or sections of streets in Toronto and how accessible they actually are concerning sidewalk repair/ramps, etc. Updates are listed below.

SHAME ON YOU CITY OPTICAL & CANADA POST! Our last 2 inductees into our Hall of Shame

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  I have always said my pages would be ad free but many years have passed and it's time I try to make a bit of something back for all this site has given. It's helped many people. Doing this will help pay the server bills hopefully since I pay them monthly. Please take a look, click on them on the pages you see them on, or on this link, and if you see something good, buy it!! :-)

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I was honoured to have my website featured in the 2003/2004/2005 editions of "Toronto with Ease" magazine, the guide to accessibility. After that though it was no longer an accessible guide. It is now just a tourism guide. Too bad. I'm surprised they dropped such a thing.

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Always updating when the need arises. Some very interesting updates were done November 6th, 2007 concerning City Optical
Canada Post added to the Hall of Shame was done May 2006
and The Bay - Updated for outstanding efforts on December 23rd, 2005
and look for an update on Canadian Tire (not in the outstanding efforts though)

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