24 Hour Move-In Period!!


It most certainly was for us. No one, and I mean no one tells you about this little gem. You find out AFTER your application goes in and is approved. It's a well guarded secret it seems.

This is fair warning, when the Toronto Community Care Access Centre writes you to let you that the application has been accepted you are also told that they require you to move the new resident in within 24 HOURS! If they call you in the morning they would actually prefer you to move them in that afternoon!

By the way, after they call you to tell you a bed is finally available and to get ready to move you have 2 (count them.. one.. two.. ) hours to call them back and confirm you want the bed. We are talking fast decisions here. If you can't tell them right away when they phone that you want the bed for sure, they give you a 2 hour window to call them back and confirm you want the bed. If for some reason you don't, you go to the end of the line. You can reapply in 6 months.

I'm serious about this. Don't ask how one is suppose to do this, that's completely up to you. They offer no help with this situation. Since you have no idea when a bed is coming available (could be weeks or months) there simply isn't much you can do in making any arrangements except for literally at the last minute. You can always start packing things up if you like but that's about it.

If for some reason you cannot move within the 24 hour alloted time period you can reserve the bed for up to 5 days. They tell you this in the acceptance letter you get. Mind you, they don't tell you how much that 'hold' is per day. I called and asked. Are you ready for this? It's $157.00 A DAY! So you better be ready to move.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* NO WEEKEND MOVE-INS!!! Think you'll hold the bed until the weekend? It isn't likely going to happen. Nursing homes have limited staff on the weekends and don't do weekend move-ins. Well, it can, it's up to the individual nursing home but doing it is a nightmare. Sometimes I wonder about this system.

I found this piece of information out the hard way as well. Since the help I had to move my gram was coming in from out of town and couldn't make it until the weekend I knew I could hold the bed so called everyone quickly and arranged to do it all on the Saturday. I was holding the bed for 2 days (I really had no choice but over $300.00 more in bills wasn't something I was too pleased with). When I called back to C.C.A.C. to confirm taking the bed after making all the arrangements with everyone, it was then.. after the fact.. that they graciously informed me there are no weekend move-ins. Do they really think everyone can just take the day off work at the drop of a hat? Or what about elderly or disabled moving their parents? There are absolutely no considerations given to anyone. You really do become just a number in this system.

The woman at C.C.A.C. called up the nursing home and managed to somehow arrange it so we could move in my gram's stuff on the Sat. considering our circumstances. I'm disabled and the people helping were coming on the weekend from out of town. But we had no idea what would be happening when we did utilize this opportunity. More on that later.... We did however change things and took her in on the Friday, mid afternoon. We simply took only what she needed overnight. A bit of clothing and personal care items. Not only was her first day a 1/2 day and was helpful with her adjusting but it saved us $157.00 doing it this way.

With my grandmother we were able to discuss this with her from the beginning which was a blessing but some elderly or disabled simply don't have the faculties to retain what you are telling them. Come the day you go to move them there can be problems. Even with my gram there were a few bumpy days. She is 100 and has always lived independantly and although she realized she needed the extra care now she still really didn't want to leave her own apartment at times. And she was anxious about moving and such.

When the day came that we had to spring it on her that it was moving day shortly she was an absolute gem. It went off without a hitch. Well, on her part anyway.

More about 'moving day' later...

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