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Let it be known here that nursing homes are not just a building of hospital type rooms. What a shock I got when I went on the tour. I thought I knew this particular nursing home but you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw the bar! Yes, they have a bar! Fully licensed and run by volunteers. It is open daily for a few hours and there's a limit of 2 drinks per resident. There's even a big screen tv in it! And a door that leads out to a nice patio.

There are several lounges in this nursing home. One per wing I believe besides the other 'speciality' rooms within the building for organized activities. Each lounge has several wingback chairs and a tv in it.

In the basement level there is a hairdresser who will, if requested, come up to the room to get the resident and bring them down to her salon. There are other activity rooms as well including an auditorium where they hold plays, slideshows, movies, etc. And of course, the bar.

There's also a chapel on the main level.

The nursing home my gram is living in now has the following things:

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