Admission Day

All I can say is be prepared for anything and everything and you'll be much better off. It was on this day I was hit with a lot of knowledge I had no idea about but I have covered on this website such as doctor/pharmacist issues, rules and restrictions on what is being brought in, how much rent, options available, etc.


Of course we all realize there is paperwork to be done but good grief. I was told it would take approx. an hour. It took almost 3. Interruptions, lengthy paperwork to be discussed, papers to sign, copies to make, etc.

BE SURE TO BRING (or you're in big trouble):

*NOTE* THEY WILL KEEP THE APPLICANTS O.H.I.P. CARD IN CASE THEY HAVE TO TRANSPORT THEM TO THE HOSPITAL. They will however make you a photocopy of the card. Also.. I can't stress enough to bring ORIGINALS of any legal papers or financial papers. They will not accept copies unless they are 'certified' copies and this is an option (certified copies) you want to avoid at all costs if possible. It's a huge hassle. To read more about Certified Copies of Originals"

If you don't have the original of the applicants Income Tax Notice of Assessment Papers you'll have to get one. This will require you to have Power of Attorney due to the Privacy Act unless the applicant can phone themselves. The income tax dept. must see the ORIGINAL Power of Attorney papers and they will make a copy for their own files. If you have to go through this expect a lot of running around (they have only one office per city/borough and are open business hours) to and from their offices plus getting Power of Attorney papers and filling them in, etc. if you haven't already got them. There is more information on The Application page 8" about these assessment papers.


Be prepared to sign and initial your life away. The first lot of papers is about 12 pages long and will be discussed in detail. Most of which require at least a signature and date as well as initialing on some.

After you are finished with these you will be given a mound of papers to take home and read that includes pretty much everything. Much of which you have already discussed but need to keep a copy of for yourself for future reference.

While you are there in their offices be sure to ask what their visiting hours are. And comfirm them! I asked prior to moving day and was told it was until 9 pm. When doing all the administration stuff just as I finished at 6:55 pm an announcement came over the loud speaker that visiting hours were over in 5 minutes! It turns out that for some reason, due to this S.A.R.S. issue, not only had they reduced the visitations to one person per resident at a time but they reduced the hours as well. No one told me so I had to do a very fast dash to my gram to say good night to her and check her phone again and grab what I left in her room then out the door. And they are strict on this policy so don't think you can take your time and if you are a few minutes later they won't care. They do.

Also ask if there are any special restrictions or whatever on anything being brought in for the resident including tv, tv stands, dresser, chair, etc. Also ask if you can put pictures on the wall. And what you are specifically not allowed to do or bring.

Your best bet is to check and double check all information given to you. I had a lot of wrong information given me from someone in the nursing home admin. offices. Be sure they know what they are talking about, confirm and re-confirm. You'll save yourself a lot of grief doing this.

You should also receive a package on the nursing home itself on Admission Day. Usually a booklet type package full of information about the nursing home. The one I received from my gram's nursing home was quite large. More reading folks.

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