After Admission Day..

Just when you think you can relax. There's more. Actually this isn't all so bad but at the time I'm typing this page out I haven't gone through it yet. Let's hope "this isn't all so bad" isn't another case of 'just when you thought you had it mastered they threw another hat in the ring'. I do know that I have a meeting coming up next week and then again in 6 weeks.

This meeting is taken with the head of nursing on my gram's wing. My gram can come as well. She's quite able and would probably like to participate. It's simply a 20 - 30 minute (or so I've been told - I'm setting aside at least an hour) meeting to discuss any problems, expectations, concerns, etc. I have a growing list. Keep a list of things that need to be discussed and add to it as you think of them then you'll cover all the bases at this meeting and it will be productive.

6 weeks from the day of admission there is another such meeting. Just to tie up loose ends I guess. If there are any surprises or anything of significance I'll add to this page later.

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