Daily Needs
Meals, hygiene, etc.


I can only speak of the nursing home where my gram is but I don't think they would vary too much from home to home but I would suggest you ask before hand anyway to be on the safe side.

If able, meals are taken in the diningroom. At the home where my gram is the diningroom is nice. There are about 8 or 10 tables and residents can sit where they like as far as I know. The tables have cloth tablecloths and little silk floral arrangements on each one. This home has a diningroom per wing so it's a quieter, more open atmosphere in the diningroom. No bumping into tables or other people.

During a meal staff will mill about to be sure residents that need help with their meal gets the help they need. They also have 'bibs'. Thank goodness!! I saw several of the residents wearing them including my gram who now-a-days tends to spill things. Being 100 her hands aren't quite as steady as they used to be. I really shouldn't call these things bibs as it gives a wrong impression. The are much like the old fashioned kind of aprons that cover your complete front. The have a hole for the head and go right over the shoulders and amply cover the front. A really smart idea all things considered.

I'm not sure about breakfast or lunch but I know at dinner you have two options of what you would like for the main course. You can also request small portions as well. If you have special dietary needs those are discussed on the application for a nursing home and it wouldn't hurt to mention them to the administration office in case it slipped by them. Each meal is dished out separately and passed through an open window from the serving area to the diningroom to an attendant to give to the resident. Soup is included with most meals if they would like it as well. Fresh fruit is always available too. I've asked my gram how her meals were and she said they were really good.



Each day there are snack times. Someone brings around a cart between each meal and then again later at night. You can pick apple or orange juice, tea or coffee. At the night time snack diabetics can get a sandwich to tide them over until breakfast.



Obviously in each room is a bathroom. It's a shared bathroom with whomever else is in the room with you or at times, with the room next door. It's huge. Consists of a toilet with a raised seat and handles for steadying ones self with. Also includes a large sink. No bathing facilities are in the rooms.

For bathing a nurse or attendant will sponge bath the resident daily in their own bathroom where they can either brush their own teeth or get the help they need.

Bathing is another matter yet. At the home my gram is at the bathtub is a whirlpool!! The room is kept locked and it is only accessed for a resident when a nurse is in attendance the entire time they are in the bath. If the resident prefers, there is a shower as well and the same thing applies with a nurse there at all times. There is a bath bench in the shower stall if needed and I think they use it for most everyone just for safety sake. Everything must work fine because my gram had a 'shower' the day after she moved in and I didn't hear any complaints from her. The nurse that gave her her shower told me when she saw me that she washed her hair and such as well. Very nice lady. I have found that any staff, be it nurses, cleaning people, attendants, etc. that I have talked to have all been quite pleasant.

In this particular nursing home in each room where their beds are there's also a nice sized sink with a mirror as well and their 'medicine' cabinet.

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