Extra Charges from the Nursing Home

Yes, there are extra charges. These are all optional (with the exception of prescription charges), but I took advantage of some. Be sure you read Nursing Home Money Issues" first before you read this page.

At the nursing home my gram is in they have the option of the following services that they have to pay extra for.

CABLE: $23.00 a month plus a one time installation fee of $15.00. This probably varies from nursing home to nursing home. At the home we used for my gram this is all done internally so the cable fee is paid to the nursing home, not the cable company.

DINING IN PROGRAM: This is a $4.00 a month fee. Once a month the nursing home has a 'dining in' evening. Since most residents obviously can't get out to restaurants they bring the restaurant to them. They order in Chinese, or Swiss Chalet, or whatever. It's a minimum cost and I know she'll enjoy it so I set her up for it.

TUCK SHOP: The nursing home my gram is in has it's own "tuck shop" on the main floor. There you can purchase kleenex, small personal items, candy, chocolate bars, ice cream bars, etc. Small items. They have a program at the nursing home where you can 'bank' whatever amount you want (monthly) away and then the resident doesn't need to be concerned with carrying money around. They can go into the Tuck Shop and make their small purchases and they just debit their 'account'. I put $10.00 a month in this account for my gram. I usually pick up her chocolate bars and kleenex and things as I'm out shopping for myself but this way if she can't wait, she has the money to get her own. I'm sure she won't use it too often as I keep her pretty well supplied. And just so you know, if your family member has a sweet tooth and likes their chocolate like my gram does, I suggest you hit the nearest $1.00 store as you can get them there for 2 for $1.00.

HAIRDRESSER/BARBERING: Yes, the hairdresser. The nursing home has a lady who has her own salon in the basement of the building. I think most nursing homes do and this is something else you should inquire about if needed. She charges very reasonable prices as well. You can also have money put in the residents 'account' for this as well so I opted to put $40.00 a month in it for my gram. She does love to still have her hair done and once every 6 months or so to have a perm done as well. Even at 100 she still primps. :-)

LAUNDRY: All regular laundry cleaning is covered at the cost of the nursing home. All clothing and such. BUT.. if you would like mending done (buttons sewed on, hem's done, etc) there is a $10.00 a month charge for this. I didn't take this option as believe it or not, my gram still does all her own hand sewing, and I'm handy with a sewing machine.

TRANSPORTATION FEES: Nursing home residents can go to a place called "Baycrest Geriatric Care Centre" for dental, optical and foot care if needed. There is a $20.00 per return trip fee to go to Baycrest. To go to any other facility it is the actual cost of the service. You may wish to check out my page about Baycrest as it has more particulars about it on it.

PERSONAL SECURITY SYSTEM: This is one of those 'alert' buttons a resident can wear on themselves. If they fall or whatever they simply push the button to bring help. I didn't need this for my gram and I really don't see how this is needed in a nursing home since there are nurses and staff everywhere but I guess it does apply in some instances since they do offer it. Possibly if the resident goes out regularly.

All in all, I have $77.00 a month put into my gram's personal little 'account' there that is automatically on a pre-authorized system removed from her bank account each month and put into the nursing home account for her. $23.00 for cable, $40.00 for hairdressing, $4.00 for the dining in program and $10.00 for the tuck shop.

*NOTE* Please be very careful what you are doing with this 'account' program. If on a restricted income the money the resident will have left will be very little and you still have to account for their phone bill on top of everything. Also remember that if there are any prescriptions for the resident of the nursing home there is a $2.00 per prescription filled fee as well. Watch those pennies or you will be in trouble.

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