Lease Problems - You Lose!

Think you've heard it all so far. You're wrong. You'll love this.

The day I found out my grandmother's bed was available I went over to see her. I wanted to prepare her for her moving day.

While I was there I went to her property management's offices on the second floor of her building. This was a 'retirement' building. A 'seniors only' building.

I should digress here a bit and let you know that they were very well aware of the fact we were applying for admission for my grandmother to a nursing home since her fall. This is a 'retirement' home and although you must be able to live independantly they do have a 24 hour nursing staff just in case and they do things like dispense medications if an elderly person would prefer it and such. They have a choice of either cooking their own meals in their own kitchens or eating in the diningroom of the building. It's really rather nice and the food was restaurant quality, so when my gram moved in at 91 she decided she no longer wanted to cook anymore so she took the choice of adding to her rent to cover her meals and eating in the diningroom. Now... things went along well until late last summer (2002). This place, run by the Baptist Church, decided to hire a new number cruncher. This person shall remain nameless as I'm sure she's just the type to sue me. For the sake of the story lets call her 'Nurse Ratchett'. Which is a nickname my sister gave her. Nurse Ratchett started charging for everything and anything. When my grandmother's accident came about we found out just how much they were now billing and for what. My grandmother had a few thousand dollars, actually close to $5,000 in the bank at the time of her fall on Sept. 28th. She is now broke thanks to all the additional charges this place levied on her during her recouperation and for the bit of help they gave. For instance.. $4.00 every time they took pills to her. Well if she could have walked to get them she would have. That's $16.00 a day. Then there were her meals. Since she was unable for some time to go to the diningroom they charged her $3.00 a tray they brought up to her apt. So that's another $9.00 Bless their hearts, they gave her one day free on the meal charges. It used to be at least 3 days free and then only $2.00 a tray. Then there was $18.00 a week to do her ONE load of laundry. And another $18.00 if they bathed her which they only had to do once since we got her homecare in the mornings through the city. Mind you, I've gotten several 'bathing' bills. Then there are escorts. Think that one is $38.00 an hour or part of. This was when they escorted her to her meals for a bit once she was able to go back down to the diningroom. They did this for a couple of weeks tops. We got billed for over a months worth! Every time they walked into her apartment for anything.. we got billed. Every time we got a new bill, I called and requested it 'detailed'. I was sick and tired of get bills with little or no explanation for the charges. They never did give me any real detail but I'm still arguing the bills. I'm not the only one fighting charges in there. There is an elderly man I know that lives with his mother. His mother was in hospital for 2 weeks and the next thing he knows he gets a bill for 2 weeks worth of food trays claiming they were delivered to his mother! While she was in the hospital? This was a couple of months back, he is still fighting it. Anyway, back to the reason for this page. I think you catch my drift about this place. Now, remember, my grandmother no longer has any savings left after being bled dry from this 'retirement' home. Since she is moving into the nursing home on the 11th of the month of course she needs the remaining 20 days rent. The retirement building she lives in has her 'last months rent'. You must pay first and last months rent when moving in. Since April had already started the retirement building had already cashed April's rent. I checked her account and her rent came off on April 2nd. So, I go to the managment office and request her last months rent back since she was leaving right away basically and they would have the apt. empty by Sat. the 19th. Even though it was paid until the end of the month. Guess what? They refused! Do you know why? Because I didn't give them written 30 days notice of her leaving! Now.. remember.. they knew from the beginning of October 2002 that she was going into a nursing home, we just had to do all the work and wait for a bed. But, we couldn't give them a 30 day written notice because we only got 24 hours notice for her to move in. How do you like this? Ripping off senior citizens. And if it happened to my gram then we all know that it's happening to all seniors that go from a retirement home to a nursing home simply because there is no way possible to give that 30 days written notice. At this point I was furious that they would use such a technicality. Knowing she was drained of her money by them, knowing that it was literally impossible for her to give 30 days written notice and knowing since last Oct. this was happening. I simply told them if they don't give her her last month's rent then we couldn't pay the remaining of this months rent on the nursing home room. Therefore, I will leave here where she was and she could just rack up the bills there. She then asked me to give her some time to talk to Nurse Ratchett and someone else and get back to me. I called her from my gram's apt. about 30 minutes later. She offered me a bone, 1/2 of my gram's last months rent but it still wouldn't cover the rent money she needed for the nursing home. I had to take it but I'm not finished with them yet. I've already written the Minister of Health about this and plan to write a lot more letters. So, be aware of this. If you live in a retirement building you must give 30 days written notice. NOTE.. retirement homes are 30 days, regular apartments require 60 days notice. But, I was told when I was phoning around different agencies concerning this matter and different gov't offices that they would think the retirement home would waive that rule due to the circumstances and due to the fact they knew the move was coming.

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