Medical tests required and that must be done.

On the application it will want to know if the applicant has been in the hospital within the last 6 weeks. If yes, which hospital. There's a reason for this, if they have been in the hospital it will mean a certain test has to be done. There is a antibiotic resistant virus in hospitals and the applicant will have to be checked for it if they have recently been in the hospital. This is a precaution so nothing of that nature is taken into a nursing home. Things like this can be deadly in those kinds of places.

If yes as well there are other infectious screenings the applicant will have to be tested for as well.

Now.. regardless of whether or not the applicant has been in the hospital they are required to have the following before being admitted to a nursing home. Matter of fact, the following must be done BEFORE the application is sent in.

1) Last 2 step Mantou - this is a T.B. test and must be done. Just to let you know ahead of the game, it's an easy test but you'll have to go back to the doctor to have it read. You are injected just under the skin on the inside of your arm near your wrist. Then you wait 24 - 48 hours but NO LONGER than 48 hours to have the test read. A physician or nurse must read the test so you'll have to go back. Don't even think you can just call the doctor's office and report no reaction. A physician or nurse must view it and document it themself.

2) They want to know when the applicants last chest x-ray was. If it wasn't within a year be prepared to go for another one.

3) Last Flu Shot.. the applicant is expected to have a current flu shot or if it's summer, the last year's shot.

4) Pneumonia Vaccine - the applicant is expected to have a current pneumonia shot as well.

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