Other charges to expect

Although I should have thought of these charges, somehow or another I didn't think of them.

I'm talking about 'installation' fee's here. Bell Canada charges $55.00 installation to move a phone. And then there is cable as well.


PHONE: Where my gram went she was able to keep her own phone number. She actually was still in the same area she moved from basically so her phone number went with her. I'm not sure how it works with all nursing homes but the one she is now in you can have your own phone number. Some may work like a hospital though and just have extensions. You should ask about this prior to moving in. No sense having a phone transferrer at $55.00 if you don't need to. By the way, there are no special deals from Bell for residents of a nursing home. At least not in places you take your own phone and have your own phone number still. So if you have a long distance plan that you use and such, keep it.


CABLE: This was the one easy thing. It turns out I didn't have to do anything about her cable. It is all done internally through the nursing home in conjunction with Rogers Cable. I didn't have to phone Rogers for anything for the hook up of her cable. The nursing home has a deal with them and charges the residents $25.00 a month for basic cable. You will have to ask if the resident wishes any extended packages (movie channels, etc), I don't know about that issue. My gram only has basic cable. Since this is all being done by the nursing home itself there is a reduced fee for the initial hook up as well. Instead of Rogers regular $75.00 hook up fee there is a one time $15.00 hook up fee. The resident is billed directly by the nursing home for all this, not by Rogers. *note* see "Extra Nursing Home Charges" as well for more about this issue.

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