Personal Doctor and Pharmacy Issues

This you may not like but these are the facts:


Most people have their own personal family doctor. When you enter a nursing home you should be prepared to give up your personal care physician. Each nursing home has a doctor on staff a couple of days a week. You are more than likely going to be forced to use them.

This is how it works. You (or the person you are applying to the nursing home for) CANNOT have 2 doctors caring for your general health problems. (this does not include specialists). If you wish to keep your own family physician that doctor must be willing to be on 24 HOUR CALL!!! Yes, 24 hour call for you. If you need a doctor in the middle of the night they have to be prepared to come. This isn't very likely and I really think it's too much to ask any physician so you really have no choice in the matter to change doctors.



Again.. most people have their own pharmacist. You (or the person entering the nursing home) no longer will. Sorry, there is no choice in the matter here either. Nursing homes use a place called Medico and they fill all prescriptions for them. Also note that Medico does not waive the $2.00 fee per prescription either so if you don't pay it at the pharmacy you use now, you will have to at the nursing home. Medico will bill you these fee's, not the nursing home. Personally, I've had experience with Medico and I'm not all that impressed with them but again, no choice in the matter. Watch your bills though that come from them. Be sure they are correct.

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