Applying to a Nursing Home in Toronto.

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I invite you to go through this section of my website and learn all about applying for a nursing home in the City of Toronto. This was prompted by my personal experiences with this adventure and an adventure it was. More like a nightmare at times.

Below you will find a simple table of links to individual pages. I've covered the application form, all the things that must be done on them otherwise you get them back, all the problems encountered and most certainly all the surprises that are thrown at you at the very last minute or after the fact. You will not believe some of these but they most certainly will happen, take my word for it.

I will not be naming the nursing home my grandmother is in due to the fact that a lot of this nightmare is not their doing. However, there were things they neglected to tell me prior to moving her in and even some wrong information I was given that most certainly didn't make life any easier at the very last minute. And I mean the very last minute, as in when we were walking through the lobby of the nursing home.

I wish I had had a detailed site to check out like this one before I even took the first step. I hope this helps make this experience an easier and better experience for you and your family.

"The Application
Where to get it."
"Starting the Application - Page 1
General Information"
"The Application - Page 2
Capacity to make Admission Decisions"
"The Application - Page 3
Names, Signatures, etc."
"The Application - Page 4
Medical Report"
"The Application - Page 5
More Medical Report"
"The Application - Page 6
Functional Assessment"
"The Application - Page 7
More Functional Assessment"
"The Application - Page 8
Social Assessment"
"The Application - Page 9
Facility Choice Sheet"
"Power of Attorney"
"Medical Tests Required
previous to appl. submittal"
"Lease Problems
You lose!"
"What you can take
and the rules that apply"
"Other Forgotten Charges
to expect"
"Extra Charges
from the Nursing Home"
"Money Issues
more explanation of the nursing home system"
"Your Physician & Pharmacist
Important Issues"
"Admission Day!
What you are in for"
"Certified Copies
of legal paper"
"Baycrest Centre
for Geriactric Care"
"After all is said & done
You're still not finished!"
"Daily Needs
(meals, hygiene, daily needs)"
"Activities & Other
(things for residents to do)"
and Alcohol Issues"

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