Smoking and Alcohol Issues

Again, I can only speak of what they allow in the nursing home facility that my grandmother is in. First and foremost:




The Province of Ontario enacted legislation, Bill 119, Tobacco Control Act and the City of Toronto has a By-Law (#406-79) related to NO smoking in any workplaces.

The nursing home is also the home for all residents. A compromise has been reached whereby ONLY residents are allowed to smoke in the home and ONLY IN DESIGNATED SMOKING LOUNGES.



1) Smoking is NOT permitted in any area of the building other than the designated areas.

2) Refillable lighters are NOT permitted, only safety-proof disposable lighters are used in the home.

3) Residents who are unable to smoke safely and therefore require supervision while smoking must be provided with and use a safety apron, be supervised at all times while smoking and NOT be given matches or cigarettes. If unsure of the appropriate response to a resident's request, please check with the Nurse of the unit.

4) Residents who are able to smoke in a safe manner are also provided with fire retardant aprons and are required to give all smoking materials to staff at bedtime.

5) Staff, visitors and volunteers may NOT smoke within the nursing home building.




Alcohol CANNOT be stored in residents rooms or consumed in resident rooms. Instead, there is the pub at which a resident can purchase tickets and obtain liquor during the daily happy hour. They can bring guests but ONLY the resident is allowed to consume alcohol. There is a daily 2 drink limit.

The nursing home cautions residents about the possible dangers of mixing alcohol and medication. If this applies, it's suggested the resident check with the medical staff before deciding to consume liquor.

In some circumstances, alcohol may be required for medicinal purposes. In these cases, the attending physician will issue a medical order and the nurses will store and dispense the residents liquor to them.

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