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The way it used to be was you would apply directly to the nursing home of your choice but it doesn't work like that any more. Now it is all done through one central agency. I'm sure for the gov't this makes life easier but for you and I, it makes it harder. Anything that includes any kind of 'agency' usually has too many people and one doesn't know what the next is doing. At least in my experience it worked that way.

At this point, don't worry about anything else but the application. No sense trying to figure out what you will be taking, etc., and cluttering your head with other things. You'll need to focus on this issue alone for a bit until it's finished.

To get your application for a nursing home in Toronto you go to:

Toronto Community Care Access Centre
250 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 2Z5

Their phone number is (416) 506-9888
Their fax number is (416) 506-0374

Their website is

A word of warning. I did not put their suite or floor number in here because all their paperwork has the WRONG suite number on it. I suggest you call them for that piece of information as I can't remember it for sure. I don't know what prompted me to but I phoned them to confirm the address before I couriered the application back to them and it was then I discovered that all their letterhead has the wrong suite number on it. No one tells you this, I just happened to find out by calling to confirm the address prior to sending the application back. Even their website says a suite number but I had to send it in care of a floor number.

Now you have your application in hand, take it to the applicant's family doctor or main doctor to fill in. This will take time and hopefully it's a doctor that won't charge you for it but do expect a charge to be on the safe side. A lot of doctor's charge $15 or $20 for filling in applications these days. Mine doesn't under these circumstances.

It would also be very beneficial to the doctor if you took the time to go over it yourself first and make notes/comments on a seperate paper(s) of your own. Don't forget, they are not around the applicant all the time and sometimes things change fast. There may be changes he/she hasn't seen such as new balance problems, incontinence problems, memory problems, etc. So make those notes and hand them in when you take in the application. This application is very detailed! The more information you provide the better the care the applicant will get.

I found out that certain floors of nursing homes provide different levels of care and you don't want the applicant put on a floor where they are still pretty much considered independant when they need more daily help. If this happens they won't get the kind of help they need right away being on the wrong floor and it will mean yet another move to another floor. One move is enough to deal with for the person moving in.

Also note, if while in the nursing home things change, they will move the applicant to the appropriate floor. This is a must. For instance if there is significant decline in memory and the patient starts 'wandering' they will be moved to the ward for this particular type of patient. The main doors are locked there to prevent them from wandering out into the street. At the nursing home my gram went to the 'wanderer' ward is rather nice. It has it's own huge outside garden and balconies and such. Don't get the impression they are 'locked in'. They aren't. But I would advise you to take the tours that the nursing homes provide just so you know what you are getting into. They only take about an hour and are really beneficial and quite informative. Just call the nursing homes of your choice and book a tour. Your application form has all the nursing homes listed on it and their addresses and phone numbers.

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