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This page is filled in by the applicant's doctor. The applicant can have input however if they are capable. It includes:

Their name, D.O.B. and Health card #.

5 questions to fill in concerning the applicant and their problems.

At the bottom of this page the doctor has to sign this form. Full name, address.. you know the drill.

And the applicant MUST sign page if they are found capable by their doctor as proof it was all explained them them. Without this signed you are going nowhere.

BE AWARE!!! IF THE APPLICANT IS DEEMED CAPABLE BY THE DOCTOR THEN THE APPLICANT MUST SIGN THE 'CONSENT FORM'!!!! THEY MUST ALSO BE GIVEN THE 'RIGHTS INFORMATION SHEET'. This confirms they know what is going on and are in agreement and have full knowledge to this application being filled out and for their admission to a nursing home.

*NOTE* Deeming someone 'capable' means they are able to make decisions for themselves and understand what is going on and the consequences of their actions.

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