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This page includes:

1) Reason for application: why the person needs a nursing home, be specific such as decreased self care, decreased ability to cope, increased confusion, etc. whatever applies to the applicant.

2) Applicant's social history. Here they want to know if the applicant gets physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, visiting nursing care, social work, homemaking, etc. etc. etc. There is a list. In our situation my gram now required daily care with getting up in the morning and daily hygiene due to her pelvic break so this was written in as well as the fact this homemaker couldn't provide her with other necessities such as helping her to bed at night, doing her laundry, escorting her to wherever she needed to go, etc.

3) Previous Psychiatric History: exactly what it says. If the applicant has dementia or Alzheimer's it goes here as well.

4) Present family involvement with applicant: (family support and interaction). If the applicants family is involved with the applicant that info goes here. Do they visit? Do they help? Are they emotionally supportive?

5) Be sure to fill this section of this page in completely!!! The Financial status including benefits received or applied for:

'rate reduction' part. This is the part that most people entering a nursing home must use. If the applicant is on simply Old Age Pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement or such they will not have enough money a month to cover even basic coverage of a nursing home in Toronto.

They want to know if the previous year's income tax was filed and if the previous year's notice of assessment is available. YOU MUST HAVE BOTH if you are applying for the rate reduction. If for some reason the applicant can't find their notice of assessment from the tax dept. they can call up the Income Tax dept. and request another one sent. The person must phone themself. You can't phone for them. This falls under the 'privacy of information' act.

This can take up to a few weeks. Take into consideration it's a gov't office. If the applicant can't phone themself and you are the Power of Attorney you can take YOUR ORIGINAL Power of Attorney papers to the Income Tax Office closest to you and they will make a copy and put them on record. Remember... and I can't stress this enough, you have to take the ORIGINAL of your power of attorney papers (any agency or gov't office or bank, etc. will only accept seeing the ORIGINAL papers) to their office and go from there.

If all else fails you can have a 'certified copy' made. This is a long detailed process and a job for the person certifying the copies. If you must do it this way call:

1-800-277-9914 (This is the Old Age Pension Office) and ask for the information on how to have a 'certified copy' of a Power of Attorney' done. Have a large paper and a pen ready. It's very detailed. Amongst other things each and every page of the Power of Attorney certified copied must include:

You can also check out my Power of Attorney" page. It has some good links on it that may provide you with more information about getting a 'certified copy'.

The last part of this page is again the doctor's info and signature.

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