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Know this.... you have 2 options here. All the nursing home facilities are listed here by area. North York, Toronto, York, East York, Etobicoke, Scarborough and a section if you want outside Metro Toronto. This is actually 2 pages long due to the size of the list.

You have a first choice and a second choice of facilities. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE WE MADE OR YOU WON'T KNOW WHAT HIT YOU. This looks like an easy form to fill out.

If for some reason you wish the applicant to reside in a facility close to you pick that one and that one only!!!! Do not pick a second choice that is the next farthest away.

The reason? What happened to us is our first choice was right around the corner from us. Being disabled this would allow me to have a daily presence in my gram's life and my mother as well. We did what we thought was right and picked a second choice as well. Not as nice a nursing home and about a mile away.

Our first choice contacted us and told us that gram was accepted and was on the waiting list. They did this by phone. A few days later we received a letter from our second choice also telling us gram was accepted there and is on the waiting list there.

Both places by the way, require you to take a tour of their facility. I knew the nursing home well (our first choice) and didn't think I needed to but they insisted and I did take the tour. Take it!!! They are very informative.

Anyway, since we knew she was accepted at our first choice and we did the tour thing and they told us it shouldn't be too long (what luck! - it can take months sometimes), we sat back and waited to hear back from them that her room was available.

WRONG! A couple of weeks later, the agency that takes care of placements in nursing homes called me up to announce that her bed is available in our 2nd choice home and if we didn't take it she would lose her placement and she would go to the bottom of the waiting list again and we would have to reapply. You cannot reapply for another 6 months!

Now I was freaking. I explained to the woman on the phone that our first choice already told us that they were just waiting for her bed and that we had told her that's where she's moving and family, etc.

I was very, very lucky. This lady I was speaking to was extremely nice and offered to write in the form that there was miscommunication and that we didn't want a 2nd choice. That we only wanted the 1st choice nursing home.

DON'T make this same mistake. Because we happened to get a very nice lady who adjusted things for us doesn't mean you will. This is not the normal practice. If you need the applicant as close by as possible ONLY PUT DOWN ONE CHOICE!

At the end of this section you are asked what type of accommodation. Unless you have an extremely good pension or extended health care from somewhere (private health care insurance that covers semi private or private) check off 'basic'.

At the very bottom of this section is a place to be signed. IF THE APPLICANT IS 'CAPABLE' (doctor's assessment) THEN THE APPLICANT MUST SIGN THIS FACILITY CHOICE SHEET! If they are deemed 'incapable' then the substitute decision maker must sign on their behalf. This person needs to have the applicant's Power of Attorney.

If the person is deemed 'capable' this is proof that they have knowledge of the application and are willing to move.

That's pretty much it for the application you will have to fill out. I think I've covered the basic's for you. Please do go back to the site index though and read on. You are in for some big surprises.

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