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This section includes both accessible and non accessible places & buildings around Toronto. Beginning with Letters A - H
Place/Bldg Location Description
22 College St. North side of College St. just above Yonge St. Not really accessible. You can chance accessing this building but it isn't going to be easy. I had to use a business in this building and called ahead to see if it was wheelchair accessible and was told 'yes, just take the ramp at the main door and then the elevator'. Well, the ramp is not a wheelchair ramp, it is a piece of plywood with at least a 1/2 inch lip, covered in carpeting and a hand printed sign on the wall beside it saying 'for deliveries only'. To access this ramp you must open the door directly in front of it because you are going to need the extra space. There are no automatic doors either so you have to hold this door open while attempting to take this extremely inclined ramp. These doors are also pretty heavy as this is an old building. Matter of fact, make sure your scooter is on full power to attempt to get up this 'ramp'. Even with full power the person I was with had to have someone help by pushing her! This building, regardless of what a business owner in it may tell you, is NOT really wheelchair accessible. That is a makeshift ramp for deliveries, not disabled. The elevator is small and can hold one scooter and a couple of people standing. I have no idea about any public washrooms in this building but considering the entry, it's doubtful. "SEE PICS"
55 Queen St. West Medical Bldg. This building has offices of doctors from St. Michael's hospital and is across the street from it. It's accessible through an automatic door. The elevators will hold a scooter but they close so quickly be prepared to start out as soon as the doors open or you'll be riding the elevator until you get back to the floor you want for a second attempt. The halls on each floor are adequate but not large. If you are sent for blood work there is a lab on the main floor that you'll probably be sent to. It does not have an automatic door oddly enough and the doors are heavy. This place can have an automatic door easily so I don't know why a lab like that wouldn't especially considering the occupants of the building are mostly doctors.
730 Yonge St. Northwest corner of Yonge & Charles Sts. Not accessible unless someone opens the door for you. This is a small mall. The main entry has no disabled door and the only washroom available in it is in the Second Cup coffee shop and it's up stairs in there.
Allen Gardens Corner of Sherbourne & Carleton Sts. Somewhat accessible. Just use caution when in the greenhouse. This is a park and there are greenhouses there as well. The main entry to the greenhouse has an automatic door but there are times it does not work. Inside the greenhouse the aisles are pretty thin in places. Matter of fact some places just fit a scooter. You must be extremely careful (go slow) in here as there are hoses everywhere to go over and most of the aisles around the floral displays are edged in brick. These aisles snake around the displays. Lots of twists and turns. These edging bricks at floor level can easily be run over and can tip your scooter. Inside the greenhouse as well are different sections, some of which have their own entry doors. These doors are not automatic and a very thin width wide. You'll just fit through but you'll fit. For the most part, these other section doors are always closed. This is a well used greenhouse so someone is usually around to hold a door open for you or open it and kick the doorstop at the base of it to hold it open for you. There is a washroom as well at the west side in the center of the main greenhouse. For all it's trouble, this is a beautiful place to go and spend some time. Take your camera if you have one. They recently changed their hours to 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 7 days a week. There is also a small playground for the kids there as well and a new childrens greehouse as well. "SEE PICS"
Atrium on Bay Mall Runs from Yonge to Bay (east to west), and from Dundas St. E. to Edward St. (north to south). The entrance right on Yonge St. is not open on the weekends and is not accessible anyway. The closest disabled door is at 20 Dundas St. W. There's another disabled entrance off Bay St. There are small elevators in this mall and they are located at the Bay St. end of the store.
Beer Store (The) Corner of Parliament & Lancaster Not accessible unless there is an entrance down the alley and around the back. At the main entry at the front of the store there is a fair size step.
Beer Store (The) Yonge & Hayden Sts. This beer store has automatic motion detection doors at it's main entry. The entry is also level with the sidewalk.
Canada Post Office approx. 52 Charles St. E. Disabled ramp and doors. This is a main postal station for Canada Post.
Center Island Toronto Islands Very accessible. This is the largest of Toronto's 3 islands. Ferries can be boarded at Queen's Quay & Yonge St. For much more information and pics see "CENTER ISLAND PICS & INFO"
Centerville Amusement Park Toront Center Island Accessible. This is a great amusement park for little kids. Many rides, a farm, parkland, etc. For much more information and pics see: "CENTERVILLE INFO & PICS"
College Park College & Yonge Sts. (south west corner) Accessible for the most part. The College Park building holds some of Toronto's Courts as well as a 2 level mall of stores. The doors on College Street are wheelchair accessible but the button is hard to see. Look on the left wall by the doors. The entrances off Yonge St. are not accessible. The foyer's are large and ample aisle size. The elevators are large enough for 2 scooters and a few people. One thing to be aware of though are the elevator doors do not open flush. It will look like the door still has to open 4-6 inches on either side. Just know, when you see this, don't wait for them to fully open, that's how they are and if you wait you'll miss your elevator. There's still ample room this way to access the elevator though. If using the mall on the lower level beware of the washroom. Although there is a disabled stall in it, accessing it is another matter. There is a very thin hall you must access the washroom by and it's doubtful you'll get your scooter or wheelchair to turn in that aisle unless the main door to the washroom is open and you can use the extra space it provides when open. It was either a last minute thought to make that washroom disabled or whomever planned that didn't have a clue! There is no automatic door on the washroom entry either as usual.
Cumberland Terrace Cumberland & Yonge St. Very Accessible. This mall is located just north of Bloor St. East on the west side of the street. There is a disabled entrance off Yonge St. in the 2 Bloor St. West building there. (bldg goes along Bloor & Yonge sts. and the mall is attached at the north end of the Yonge St. section.) This disabled door has always worked, at least that I'm aware of and I use this mall weekly. The foyer is spaceous, as are the aisles in the mall. It includes many small stores, a few of which are not themselves accessible but any store I've used there the staff has bent over backwards to help. The elevator in this mall to go to other levels is indeed large enough to hold 3 scooters! Although it is a 'freight' elevator it's also used for people on a regular basis and is kept clean. The ramps on the bottom level are the best I've seen in this city! This mall has a disabled washroom on the lower level. The only problem with this mall that I can see is the main entry doors to the washrooms. You have to push them to open them, they're not automatic. This problem is everywhere though for some reason. There is a C.I.B.C. bank there that is right at the disabled door. I normally use the Black's Photography store on the main level and a couple of stores on the lower level. Other stores there among the probably 100 stores are Radio Shack and Lewiscraft. There's a food court in this mall as well that is accessible. This mall also leads into the Holt Renfrew Centre and onto and into the Manulife Centre. All underground travel so there is no dealing with weather or this area's heavily congestive pedestrian traffic. "SEE PICS"
East York Mall on Thorncliff Blvd. Formally Throncliff Park Plaza. Access into this mall is good. The Zellers in there has a washroom but I'm unaware if it is wheelchair accessible. The Zellers there is two levels and there are big elevators in it.
Eaton Centre Yonge & Dundas to Yonge & Queen Sts. Somewhat accessible - Please see more information at "Toronto Eaton Centre"
Esso Gas Station Parliament & Amelia Sts. The gas pumps themselves are accessible but the store isn't! This is a new station, built in 2001 I believe. It has a large variety store on there as well as gas pumps but there is no automatic door leading into it. Both ends of the sidewalk (not a very wide one) leading to the store are ramped but one end once up it you can't pass a huge ice machine to get to the store door. I guess they think disabled people don't drive vans that need gas to run. Please see more information at "Esso"
Gerrard Square Gerrard St. East just above Pape St. This mall is easily accessed through it's main doors. Disabled parking near the main door as well. Sears, Zellers, The Silver Dollar and other stores are accessible. Some of the smaller stores are not and some are but usually the salespeople are pretty good with helping customers I've found. It's hit and miss in there concerning the smaller stores. There are two levels here and since renovations began some time back there is only a freight elevator you can use to get to the second level. For over a year there was no access to the second floor and thier administration office was of no help. They simply kept telling anyone that called that they will be, at some point in time, putting an elevator in the middle of the mall. They would not allow anyone to utilize a frieght elevator there. Finally, after more than a year they changed their tune on the freight elevator issue. You must go to the information booth and request security to take you up. There is also a Food Basic's store attached to the mall. Mall washroom on the main floor is by the food court and is accessible. I have no idea where one is on the 2nd level now that Sears is gone.
Greenwin Mall 345/365 Bloor St. East This mall is easily accessed. The Property Management Company that owns this mall has a great record with making things accessible including the fact that in their newer private buildings there are apartments made specifically for the physically challenged. There are disabled doors in the front and the back of this particular mall. The automatic door on Bloor St. E. is level with the sidewalk and the auto door at the back of the mall (on Selby St.) has a ramp with a good incline. There's several small independant stores and a Swiss Chalet and McD's. Most of the stores in here are wheelchair accessible including a post office and a Hasty Mart. My only issue with this mall is the public washroom is not accessible unless they have made changes in the past year or so. This one problem could be due to the age of the building.
Grey Coach Lines On Bay St. just above Dundas St. W. There is a disabled door on the Edward St. side of the building. I have no idea if the buses are wheelchair accessible but the terminal is. Please call ahead to check it out and make whatever arrangements are needed.

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