Places & Buildings Section
Beginning with letters I - P

This section includes both accessible and non accessible places & buildings around Toronto. Beginning with Letters I - P
Place/Bldg Location Description
Library (Toronto Public) 22 Yorkville Ave. Accessible. There is a ramp leading into the building and an automatic door. I believe it's on the left side of the building. Watch out for traffic at this library, it's right beside a firehall.
Library (Toronto Public) Sherbourne & Wellesley Sts. Accessible at times. There is a ramp leading into the building off of Wellesley St. right by where the TTC bus stops and that bus is one that is accessible. However this ramp has not been shovelled once throughout the winter of 2004/2005. And with all the snow we've had this winter that ramp has been inaccessable most of the time. I have written the City of Toronto and the Toronto Public Library about this and didn't hear a word back from either of them. Now, if the snow happens to be off Bleecker St. which has another entrance you can get in that way but the City of Toronto does not plow the Bleecker St. sidewalks.
Library (Toronto Public) Gerrard St. East at Parliament Accessible. There is a automatic door and once inside if you need to get to the second level there is an elevator. You may have to inquire at the main desk to use it. Someone may need to access it with a key.
Manulife Centre Corner of Bay and Yonge St. Accessible. South side of Yonge St. There are disabled doors and ramps leading to them. Good ramps inside the mall as well. This mall leads underground to the Holt Renfrew Centre as well as Cumberland Terrace.
Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library 789 Yonge St. Accessible. This Library is at Yonge St. & Asquith Avenue. Althought it's accessible you should be aware of a few things that may make your trip there a lot easier. For more info see: "Reference Library"
Ministry of the Attorney General 720 Bay Street Accessible. Level with sidewalk and automatic doors.
Ontario Gov't Building 880 Bay St. Accessible. This is also the Ontario Government Bookstore. There is a disabled door and it's at sidewalk level.

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