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This section includes both accessible and non accessible places & buildings around Toronto. Beginning with Letters Q - Z
Place/Bldg Location Description
Queen's Park Circle Wellesley St. W. approx. 1 block west of Bay This is a pretty park. Lots of picnic benches, walkways, a large fountain, statues, etc. Just a few minutes from the Royal Ontario Museum as well. The main pathways through this park are fairly good but the small on-the-side pathways are dirt with loose stone or branches/twigs fallen on them. They can be a rough ride (the smaller pathways). It's a nice place to pack a picnic and go to to relax in the center of the city. There's lots of running space for kids too. There is no public washroom at this part though so keep that in mind.
Riverdale Farm 191 Winchester St. @ Amelia Not Accessible. Unless you just wish to use the park which has picnic tables and a wading pool. This park is a 'lease off' park for dogs so expect some running around. The farm itself for the most part is not accessible. The ramps are so steep in places you'll have no control over your scooter. We found this out the hard way! A fortress scooter went out of control and we had to pull the key out to stop it. My Pacer made it back up the incline but with much effort. The park itself is a nice place though if you just wish to have a picnic and take kiddies to the wadding pool. There were very few animals in the farm as well for viewing. "SEE PICS"
Rose Ave. Community Centre Rose Ave. Public School Not Accessible. This community centre was built into the school. There is a disabled door but over the years I've yet to find it working. Every activity room or meeting room has a door handle on it and is heavy. There are no automatic doors inside the centre. There is an elevator there to go to the 2nd floor but it is literally an antique and breaks down and is just big enough for one scooter.
Royal Ontario Museum 100 Queen's Park Completely wheelchair/scooter accessible. There are admission fee's but on Friday's after 4:30 pm it's free admission. Call ahead for more details and about special exhibits. There are 3 restaurants in the R.O.M. as well.
St. Andrew's United Church 117 Bloor St. East There is a disabled door at the main entry.
St. Paul's Anglician Church Bloor St. E. near Jarvis St. Accessible. St. Paul's has ramps and doors for the disabled. It also has disabled parking spaces.
Steve's Catering Queen St. W. at City Hall Accessible. Steve's catering is a large van that serves fast food. This van is always parked on Queen St. West directly in front of the path that leads from the skate rental booth by the fountain at the New City Hall. Why do I mention this van? When I do want fast food this is the place I go and it's about a 30 minute scooter ride for me. Their food is great and you get large portions for your money, and the lady and man that own this service are great and very helpful. The van is kept clean, the cooking oil is changed a lot and the fries are real potatoes. They have a large selection of foods. Be sure you go to the right van as there are a few vendors there. "SEE PIC"
Toronto Islands Queen's Quay & Yonge St Ferry Docks For information on these see one of the following: Center Island, Wards Island, Centerville Amusement Park.
Wards Island Toronto Islands Accessible. Ferry docks at Queen's Quay & Yonge Sts. For much more information and pics see: "WARDS ISLAND INFO & PICS"
Wellspring Wellesley St. East (almost at Church St.) This is a self help, peer support, cancer survivor group/agency. A great place for anyone seeking knowledge or just needing some quiet time. Peer support is available if anyone wishes to speak with someone that has actually dealt with the same issues at hand including the same kind of cancer. There are also many activities you can sign up for as well as seminars. Lots to do there for the cancer patient/survivor and their families. This is not a gov't run agency. They are funded through public and corporate donations only. There is no parking right there though. - Wellspring has opened another building on the same site, the building right on Wellesley St. although this is an old house and has stairs only. A lot of the activities for people to do and programs to utilize are in the 'carriage house' behind the main building.
Y.M.C.A. 42 Charles St. East There's a ramp and disabled doors at this Y.M.C.A. On Charles St. E. near Yonge St.
Y.M.C.A. Family Development Centre 15 Breadalbane Accessible. There is ramping and a disabled door. Breadalbane starts at Yonge St.

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