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Thumbs Down for these Toronto businesses!! Letters A - H
Business Location Description
Absolockly (locksmith) 387 Dundas St. East No disabled door. Must walk in off the street.
A.I.M. 600 Sherbourne St. A.I.M. = Accident Injury Management Clinic. There is no disabled entry. If you plan to use this facility I would call ahead at (416) 924-0236 and inquire if there is a way in for the disabled.
Beer Store (The) Parliament & Lancaster Not accessible unless there is an entrance down the alley and around the back. At the main entry at the front of the store there is a fair size step.
Bond Place Hotel 65 Dundas St. East at Bond Not accessible although they claim to have a disabled entrance. This one you have to see to believe. "SEE PICS of Bond Place Hotel"
Buck or Two Store Gerrard & Parliament Sts. (just north of Gerrard on Parliament) Since the day this store opened the disabled door button has never worked. Besides, it's only on the outside door, there's another set of doors to go into once inside. This place is a no-go anyway. Once inside it is pretty much impossible to get around the store unless you are on foot. Too many displays and too packed.
Canadian Tire Yonge & Davenport Store This is the flagship store and the last thing this store is is user friendly for anyone. First you have to get past a gate just to get to the entry doors. This gate is a very tight squeeze and is there to prevent people taking their buggies. It has actually caused people in scooters to get stuck or has damaged the scooters when the arms get stuck in the 'gate'. Then once in the automatic entry doors you have to pass through a sliding gate that can be sticky and awkward to manipulate, sometimes it is even locked. This store is notorious for stock in the aisles in the way. As of the end of June there is major construction going on around the store outside and some inside and there is no longer any washroom available. *note* I was recently at this store again (Aug. 10th/02) and noticed a new entrance going in off the Yonge St. side of the store. I was there again Aug. 18th and the new entrance was completed but at least for the time being it's pretty much inaccessible. Read and see more by clicking "SEE PICS" - See new updates on this store as of Aug. 28/2004. You can also find this now in the "Hall of Shame" Section.
Cash Money 644 Yonge Street If you are looking to cash a cheque while out this isn't the place to go. There is no disabled access here at this location.
Chapters Bookstore Bloor St. W. near Bay St. The aisles here are fairly packed. There is an elevator that can get you to the 2nd floor but you have to get staff to get it for you and staff there are not all that eager or helpful.
City Optical 1 Bloor St. East There is a revolving door only! Where there were two other regular doors as well they no longer exist. The regular doors are sealed off and also blocked literally up to the glass of the doors with displays inside.
Cultures (cafe) 175 Bloor St. East This cafe is on the ground level of 175 Bloor St. East. Approx. a 1/4 block west of Church St. There is no disabled entry at this large cafe.
Crystal Optical Bay St. just below Bloor St. W. No disabled door but the staff are helpful there with the door.
Dollarama ($1 store) 730 Yonge St. @ Charles St. This store is in a mall that doesn't have a disabled door but there is always someone going in it. The store itself is huge and quite disappointingly since early Aug. things have really changed in this store. I was in there Aug. 8th 2002 and found nothing but barriers. Where this store was open and easily accessible it is now a nightmare. It has been removed from the 'thumbs up' list because the store itself was easily accessible before and has been deposited here as of today. There is no washroom in this mall. The only one for patrons is in a 2nd Cup store there and it's up some stairs and you have to ask for the key. There is another one in a restaurant on the main level but they tend to lock the door leading into the restaurant from the mall side and the door to the washroom is stiff you have to put a shoulder to it to open it. As well, it is definately not wheelchair accessible, it's the size of a closet. As of March 2005 nothing has changed."SEE PICS"
Esso Gas Station Parliament & Amelia Sts. The gas pumps themselves are accessible but the store isn't! This is a new station, built in 2001 I believe. It has a large variety store on there as well as gas pumps but there is no automatic door leading into it. Both ends of the sidewalk (not a very wide one) leading to the store are ramped but one end once up it you can't pass a huge ice machine to get to the store door. I guess they think disabled people don't drive vans that need gas to run. "SEE PICS & UPDATE"
Fabricland Lower level mall of The Bay at Yonge & Bloor Sts. Don't even attempt this one. First you have to get to the lower level of the mall which can be a challenge in itself some days. Then you have to go all the way PAST the store and to the end of the mall to a freight elevator if you can't take the long set of stairs. The store is yet another level below. We got stuck in this freight elevator once as well. If you can get to the basement level in this freight elevator you'll be lucky to get out of it. This store is notorious for stacking up stock in the elevator foyer making it next to impossible to get around and into the store. Once we literally couldn't get out of the elevator the stock was so close to the doors. We just had to wait for the elevator doors to close and go back upstairs and forget doing any shopping there. In this store you can't get between the isles on foot in places it's so pack never mind on a scooter or in a wheelchair. You must be able to get off your scooter to shop. Staff there are basically useless. Ask them where something is and they point in some direction. This is real helpful. I know many people, ablebodied and disabled that no longer use this store due to the many problems in it and now go to the competition, including myself. "SEE PICS & UPDATE"
Harvey's (fast food) Bloor St. East & Yonge St. This Harvey's is a few doors east on Bloor St. E. near Yonge. The doors are not automatic doors, neither one of them. The washroom is down a steep, long flight of stairs as well. If you are just looking for something fast to take out and someone will hold the 2 sets of doors open for you, you can make your way to the order desk.
Home Hardware Parliament & Carleton Sts. There is no disabled door here and it's a heavy door. It is street level though. Inside the store it's a game of hit and miss. At times they have a lot of clutter in the aisles other times none. The aisles are not very large either but passable. You won't be able to turn around in them though, you'll have to go to a break in the isle or the end of it. No customer washroom that I'm aware of. The staff there are pretty good with helping you get what you want if you can't reach it yourself.
Howard Johnson Hotel Sherbourne St. This hotel is at the crosswalk of Sherbourne & Howard Sts. (close to Bloor St. E.) There is no visible disabled entry. Several stairs at the front entry.

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