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Thumbs Down for these Toronto businesses!! Letters I - P
Business Location Description
Indigo Bookstore Manulife Ctr. Bay & Bloor Sts. You can't get to the magazine section due to clutter. There's a bottom level but we have yet to find the elevator leading to it if there is one. We can find only stairs. It's also a bit hard to get around the section by the cafe when they have a booksale because they stock tables of books too close to each other and the cafe. The rest of the store you can get through the aisles.
Kitchen Stuff Plus Corner of Yonge St. & Hayden St. (near Bloor) I decided to try this store one day as I used to love it when it was at another location. This location is a nightmare. If you can get in the store at all you are stuck right at the front entry. Displays all over and the aisles are only walkable. There is no exit off Yonge St., you have to get through the store somehow and exit onto Hayden St. "SEE PIC"
McDonald's (fast food) Greenwin Mall (365 Bloor St.E.) No disabled doors. Entry from the street is very difficult. Entry from inside the mall is easier but no automatic door. This is a small store.
Menagerie (Exotic Pet Store) 551 Parliament St. This store has been around for as long as I can remember. It's in an old house and has grown in size over the years to include one or two more of the houses next to it. With at least 2 entrances (possibly 3) there still is no entrance with a ramp. There are stairs (large ones) to enter this store. The store inside has aisles far too packed and thin for any mobility device and there are stairs in the main section as well leading to a lower split level. Some of the staff there are helpful others are not. You'd have to somehow catch their eye from outside though.
Metro Credit Union 800 Bay St. There is an automatic disabled door here but there is also an approx. 1 and a 1/2 inch lip at the doorway as well.
Pharma Plus Greenwin Mall (365 Bloor St. E.) Although this store recently put in an automatic disabled door at the street entry it still hits our 'thumbs down' page. Using the entrance inside the mall is extremely packed with checkouts and displays. It is almost virtually impossible to get around this store due to packed aisles with stock and or displays. I couldn't get out of one of the check-outs either due to stock piled up. When you contact Pharma Plus Head office their excuse is that there are so many items that need to be available to the public that the stores lack space, hence the piling of stock like this. Shoppers gives the same response when you call them.
Pharma Plus Church & Wellesley St. E. Although this store also has an automatic disabled door the thing seldom works. Not only is it broken a lot but staff will just stand there and watch you struggle from behind the checkouts at times. If you are lucky enough to find it working it's a challenge to maneuver around all the stock crammed by the door. Aisles in this store are mostly all very difficult to navigate due to stock and displays all shoved in the aisles and at the top and bottom of the isles. You can easily drag or knock over displays. - As of the end of 2004 this store hasn't changed at all. Forget it and go elsewhere, it's not worth the grief.

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