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Thumbs Down for these Toronto businesses!! Letters Q - Z
Business Location Description
Rogers Video 8 Wellesley St. East No disabled entry visible. All stairs at the main entry. This store isn't very old. "SEE PIC"
Rosedale Chiropractic & Physiotherapy 365 Bloor St. E. possibly 345 Bloor. St. E. This place has no disabled door and entry into it by their regular door is a tight squeeze. If you need to use this facility I suggest you call ahead at (416) 975-0499
Rosedale Medical Centre 600 Sherbourne St. The main entry for this centre does not have a disabled door! If someone will hold the doors open for you the elevators are big enough easily for a wheelchair/scooter. But, the hallways in the building leading to doctor's offices are not extra wide and turning around in them can be difficult. Downstairs where the x-ray/ultrasound dept is is accessible. I do not know about their washrooms. Please call and ask prior to visiting this centre.
Rosedale Pharmacy 600 Sherbourne St. The street entry door has at least one step. The entry through the main doors at 600 Sherbourne has no automatic disabled door. This store is very difficult to get around in as it's extremely small and the aisles are as well. Displays in the way too.
Shopper's Drug Mart Corner of Bay St. & Gerrard St. This is their "open 24 hours" store and there is NO disabled entry. Store aisles are pretty packed as well with stock and displays so even if someone will hold the double set of doors open for you it's hard to get around in this store. By the way, when you call their Head Office you get the same excuses about having so much stock and different items and so little space that Pharma Plus gives you.
Shopper's Drug Mart Inside Toronto Western Hospital Unreal, right inside a hospital and you can't get through aisles there at times due to stock piled all over the place.
Shopper's Drug Mart on Parliament St. (almost at Carleton) Not accessible. This store is difficult to get into and get around. Not only that but much to my surprise one day when scootering past it I saw a large hand written notice on the main entry door that read amongst other things, "No Scooters". Now, in all fairness they may mean the kind the kids go around on but considering Shoppers not only repairs but sells disabled scooters I would think they could choose their words more carefully. "SEE PICS"
Shopper's Drug Mart In the Bay's lower level mall at Yonge & Bloor This store has packed isles. The far aisle is next to impossible to navigate. I will give them credit where credit is due though and they fixed the gate that disabled can enter so the arm of your mobility device cannot get caught in it.
Staples/Business Depot Approx. 1140 Yonge St. Not Accessible. Although this store has a very good disabled entrance at the back of the store, the store itself is so cluttered with free standing displays and boxed displays that you can't get past the doorway pretty much. The main door there is a wonder as well. "SEE PICS"
Staples/Business Depot On Front St. This store is somewhat accessible. I've had problems with the odd asile there and with all the displays at and around the check outs. Just don't need to use the washroom either. Oh yes, they have a 'disabled' washroom. Just try to get to it. It's down inside where they do all their copying so there are stacks of paper everywhere and trying to enter the washroom is another matter.
Starbucks Coffee Corner of Wellesley St. E. & Yonge St. No disabled entry. All stairs in front. "SEE PIC"
Swiss Chalet Greenwin Mall (365 Bloor St. E.) No disabled doors nor washroom. Easiest entry is from inside the mall but still no disabled door.
Timothy's (coffee shop) South East corner of Sherbourne and Bloor Sts. East. This store is not wheelchair accessible although it looks like it is. There is a ramp at the side (Bloor St. E.) of the building but that ramp only goes into the main building, NOT Timothy's. There are several stairs at the entrance of this Timothy's. "SEE PIC"
Tim Horton's 769 Yonge St. This store is not wheelchair accessible. This is a relatively new store (2002) and there is no reason why an automatic door couldn't be put on their main entrance doors. Sidewalk is level with the doorway at least.
World's Biggest Bookstore Edward St. between Yonge & Bay Sts. Although this store has automatic doors it also has one of those horrendous 'gates' in it as well. Both I and someone else I know have had our scooter arms get jammed in there. It almost tipped my scooter over and it bent the arm of the other person's scooter. These 'gates' can be dangerous. There is a 2nd floor as well to this huge store but no elevator! The checkout has a too tight snaked aisle made of ropes like those used in banks and many free standing and heavy displays are always in the way for anyone not on foot. They are easily knocked into or knocked over as you try to get around them to a checkout. SEE PICS & MORE INFO"

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