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Arcade Mall 137 Yonge Street (almost at Richmond St.) This mall is very accessible. It has a great automatic door off Yonge St. Most of the small stores in this mall are also accessible. There is a Ministry of Transportation, Drivers & Vehicles Licensing Dept. in there that isn't too busy and has the applications for disabled parking permits there as well. If you are going for a disabled parking permit you don't have to wait in line, they are afixed to the glass sliding door. Just pick up a form from there. I've used this mall for many years for my driver's license renewals when they come up. The fact that this is a downtown office (near Richmond St.) I'm surprised at how little I have to wait for service whenever I go there. Staff there at the Min. of Trans. are very helpful as well. There is also an accessible passport office in this mall.
Bank of Montreal 175 Bloor Street East This branch of the Bank of Montreal has a disabled door and the ATM's are also available for use through that door. Sorry, no other info is available about this branch but it is accessible.
Bank of Nova Scotia Gerrard St. & Broadview Ave. This branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia has a disabled door. It's located right on the northeast corner of Gerrard & Broadview. Sorry, no other info is available about this branch but it is accessible.
Bargain Store Parliament St. above Gerrard St. They shut this store down for about a year to do renovations and they have improved things. This was formally in the thumbs down section but I moved it here summer of 2004. There is now a disabled door and inside there is still a gate but it's easily opened and if a staff member happens to see you they will gladly just come over without being asked and open the gate for you. Everything has been moved onto the one floor now (there used to be a basement) so everything is now accessible and the aisles are wide enough too. There is no customer washroom though.
Beer Store Corner of Yonge & Hayden Just below Bloor St. This store has automatic doors that are motion sensitive. Entry is level with the sidewalk.
Black's Photography 2 Bloor St. West (Cumberland Terrace) Great store! Small but pretty much everything you need for your photography needs. They also have 1 hr photo printing there. You may not be able to get into all the isles there due to the store size but the staff there couldn't possibly be any more helpful. This is the store I always use. "SEE PIC" For information on Cumberland Terrace see "Places"
Black's Photography Dundas St. W. and Yonge St. This store is very large. It's on Dundas St. W. just above Yonge St. It's their 'superstore'. Here you will find a very extensive supply for your photography needs including lenses, filters, all different types of cameras, etc. The store has a disabled door and ramp inside to get to the 2nd level. Staff there are great and very helpful. They have 1 hr photo printing there as well. Aisles are large and it's easy to move about the store. "SEE PIC"
C.I.B.C. Bank 2 Bloor St. West (Corner of Bloor & Yonge) There is a disabled entry just a bit north on Yonge St. for this bank. The staff there are helpful and usually courteous. There is ample room for movement in this bank as well, although the 'lanes' for the teller line is not always wide enough to turn in at the end of it. When I talked to the Asst. Mgr. about this I was told if I just come directly to the counter instead of the line up, over by the safety deposit box place, they would be more than happy to help me there. And they do. As soon as someone sees me they find a teller that will be empty soon to come and do whatever it is I need done. My only problem with this bank is there is no disabled height counter and there are a lot of disabled customers that use that branch. There is a section of teller counter that is wood instead of marble and it would be nice to see this bank take the initiative to take that wooden counter (about 9 feet long) down so we can utilize those tellers (at a lower level counter) and not have to stretch our necks to see above it. One other thing, if you need a money order be prepared for a wait. The tellers do not keep them right there. This branch has good hours as well. Mon-Wed 8 am - 4 pm, Thurs/Fri 8 am - 5 pm and Saturday's from 10 am - 3 pm - Update: As of the end of 2004 this bank has made major changes. It was under renovation for several months. There is now a lower counter that disabled can use that's near the place you get your safety deposit boxes. There are chairs there though so someone has to move them for you. One big problem with the renovations is that this bank has seen fit to block the view from one end of the bank to the other which I believe and so do many employee's is a security risk. Even the guard can't see through the bank! As well there are all sorts of displays now blocking what used to be ample space to move around.

* New Update - December 23rd, 2005 - Nothing has changed safety wise. You still cannot see from one end of the bank to the other due to displays blocking your view. Just hope no one decides to come in to rob the place while I'm there because the guard won't see him coming.

C.T.V. Corner of Davenport & Yonge Sts. This is where they film some programming. This building is the old Masonic Temple and does have a disabled door on the Davenport St. side of the building. If you are looking for something to do you can get free tickets for programs filmed there.
Dale's Pharmacy 572 Parliament St. almost at Wellesley St. E. Although the age of the building this pharmacy is in restricts it from being wheelchair accessible (one step into the door, then a few inside), this pharmacy will go above and beyond to help disabled customers. They have free prescription pick-up and delivery in a relatively large area and the way the store is situated staff at the counter can see through the main window if someone is just outside. If you call ahead they will meet you at the door.
Delta Chelsea Inn On Gerrard St. just west of Yonge St. The main entry has an automatic door and I'm told there are a few accessible, quite nice restaurants in this hotel. You do not have to be staying at the hotel to dine at their restaurants. "SEE PIC"
Dominion (grocery) On Mutual @ Gould St.

                     On Front @ Jarvis St.

Great store. A bit on the expensive side but great to shop in. Large aisles that are normally uncluttered. Even on stock days there's enough room. Staff is helpful and I think you can actually get through ALL the checkouts! There is one labelled 'disabled' but I've been through several myself. There is a customer washroom there but I don't know if it's for the disabled. It's in the back through a staff door. *NOTE* The Dominion on Front St. is terrific as well. Ample space to move around and accessible check-outs too. The washroom at the Front St. store is huge and accessible. It's by the butter/margerine display.
Elephant & Castle (restaurant) 378 Yonge St. just at Gerrard St. This restaurant has a disabled door and I discovered that while pushing it to look in and see if there is a second door inside, that staff can see you and will come out to see if you need assistance. I pushed it a couple of times. I guess she thought I needed help. Nice though! This restaurant is health board approved (sign is on the main window) and I hear it has great food as well. "SEE PICS"
Factory Direct (computer store) 290 College St. just west of Spadina Factory Direct has several stores but the one I use is at this address here. Although this store is not wheelchair accessible (you have to wait for someone to exit and use that door as an entry then go through the people at the check out - take my word for it, people in a line up don't like this and let it be known), this company does have a website and does have delivery from that website for a s&h fee. They have amazing weekly specials if you are on a restricted budget and even with a s&h fee products are well worth the price. Occasionally they have coupons as well and recently I purchased a new motherboard and 733 CPU for $99.99 with one. Their website is at Weekly specials are also posted on the website and you can sign up for their newsletter of coupons and weekly specials as well.
Futureshop On Yonge just above Gould St. This page for Futureshop has been updated on August 28th/2004 and can now be found in the "Hall of Shame" Section. It all turned out to be nothing more than lip service and company public relations B.S. I'm afraid. When I first contacted them about problems this is what this site had to say about them:

Although this store does not have an automatic door and can be a challenge I'm giving it a thumbs up for effort. When you get through the main doors (you'll have to wait for someone to open them for you, there is a 'disabled gate' in the right isle. If you need something on the second floor there is a small elevator there as you enter the store but the 2nd level is a split level. Cd's and floppy disc's and such are there by the elevator but then there are stairs leading to all other computer equipment, software, hardware, accessories. To reach these items go in the main floor door and at the customer care desk on the right ask for the manager. Tell him where you wish to go - computer accessories on the second floor and that you wish to be taken up the freight elevator at the back of the store. This is new, using this particular elevator for people. I had finally had it with that store and not being able to get to the computer section and I contacted them. Since that contact they have started this. They are also considering propping open the entrance door weather permitting. They also now don't mind if you call ahead to check on stock availability if you are disabled to save you the trip if something you want is out of stock. Due to these efforts I have put them here, in the thumb's up section. Call the store @ (416) 971-5377 The mgr's there are Umair or Katoch and they'll help you.

Over 2 years later of trying to work with them and with a lot of lip service and nothing else it's come to this: "Hall of Shame" Section.

Grand & Toy Corner of Yonge & Asquith (above Bloor) Although this store also does not have an automatic door a lot of the time the outside door is propped open and the inner door is at times as well. Otherwise you have to push with your scooter which can be scary considering it's glass. If you don't wish to do this you can see the checkout from the entrance and you can wave at staff to come help you. Staff are great there and extremely helpful. The store itself has nice wide aisles and even on stock days there are little in the aisles and no free standing displays in the aisles, just at the top or bottom where there is space. If by chance there is stock in an aisle in the way they will gladly move it for you or get what you need. The order desk at the back of the store is always staffed and there's lots of room by it as well. We have asked about having an automatic door or a push button door installed but we've been told it's too expensive!! I debated as to where to put this store on this site and considered the thumbs down section but the staff and aisle widths there are their saving grace.


Greenwin Smoke and Post Office Greenwin Mall (345/365 Bloor St.E) Great post office if you need one. They have pretty much everything there you need and also take parcels. The mall this store is in does have disabled doors and the store itself has a very large sliding door that is level. They also have a Direct Cash ATM in there.

*note* Update on December 20th, 2005. I went in to post a couple of parcels only to find this place has decided to put a huge display stand smack in the middle of the floor blocking the way for anyone in any type of mobility device to get into the post office line up! If this doesn't change soon, I'll be putting this once terrific post office into the thumbs down section.

Guess Clothing 306 Yonge St. at Dundas St. W. Well planned out store. There's an automatic door at the main entry with lots of space and an elevator inside to go to the second floor. Here as well I was approached by a salesperson who thought I may need assistance when I was trying the door a couple of times. "SEE PICS"
Hasty Mart Greenwin Mall (345/365 Bloor St. E.) This food market is fully accessible but since they moved to a slightly smaller store in the mall it's a bit of a tight squeeze at the end of the isles. Still accessible though. The main door is a very large sliding door that is level with the mall walkway. It's a large store that includes a deli, fresh veggies, fruit, as well as regular grocery items.

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