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Izba Restaurant 648 The Queensway Wheelchair accessible from the patio at the back of the restaurant. Great food, great prices, large portions. "SEE PIC"
JJ Muggs restaurant Dundas St. W. just west of Yonge This restaurant has no automatic door but is wheelchair accessible inside. They also have a huge patio that is accessible. For more info & pics see: "SEE PICS & INFO"
Lovecraft 27 Yorkville Ave. There is a ramp leading into the store and the aisles inside are a fair enough distance wide. Staff there are helpful.
Marriot Hotel 525 Bay Street There is a disabled automatic door at the main entry of this hotel. It's located at the back of the Eaton Centre.
No Frills (grocery store) 555 Sherbourne Street Easy access. This store is on the east side of Sherbourne about a 1/2 block north of Wellesley St. East. The aisles are large and unless it's stock day are uncluttered. Even on stock day there is usually someone close by that will move something if it is in the way. Staff is friendly and helpful as well. Two check-outs are large enough for the disabled. The first one and the last one. For the most part though only the first one is open unless the store is really busy. It's a 'fast" check-out, actually for a limited number of items but if you are in a wheelchair/scooter this is the check-out you use regardless of the number of items you have. This is a no-frills so you do have to purchase bags to parcel your items in unless you bring your own. This store is kept very clean and has a wide variety of both no name and brand name products. Being a no-frills they do not take coupons and like most businesses these days will not accept $50 bills due to all the phony 50's out there.
Pharma Plus Corner of College and Bay Sts. Easy access! The other Pharma Plus stores in the city can take a lesson or two from this store. I found their outside disabled door broke once but when I went back a few days later it was fixed. This store gets bonus points from me for large aisles and few free standing displays in the way. The woman at the front checkout was very helpful.

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