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Rogers Video 333 Bloor St. E. (corner of Jarvis & Bloor) There is a ramp and disabled door at the main entry of this building. We are giving this store a thumb's up even though it doesn't have an automatic door to enter their store itself from inside the building. These doors are used constantly so there is little wait for someone to help with the door. The store itself has large aisles and are easy to get around. Staff there are fairly helpful as well.
Sears corner of Dundas St. W. & Yonge St. Accessible although button for disabled door is hard to see. Aisles in store are wide enough as well. "SEE PICS"
Second Cup (coffee shop) 175 Bloor St. East This Second Cup coffee shop is located on the main floor of the building at 175 Bloor St. East. The actual entry to 2nd cup is on the south side of Bloor St. East just a bit west of the corner of Church & Bloor. There is a full sliding door which makes the premises wheelchair/scooter accessible. As for their washrooms, I don't know. There is an ample patio setting there as well.
Shoppers Drug Mart 728 Yonge St. (at Charles St.) This store has a disabled door and it has always been working any time I've tried it. It's a bit of a tight squeeze though once you are past the doorway. They do have a tendancy to use aisle displays but it isn't too bad a store to get around in. In case you need information their phone number is (416) 920-0098
Silver Dollar Store Gerrard Square Gerrard & roughly Pape Ave. This store is huge and has terrific aisles. Wide and easy to access. Everything is a dollar in this store and they do have some good products. It isn't a junk store.
Starbucks Coffee Yonge & Roxborough St. W. approx. 1072 Yonge St. (no number on the door). This store does not have a disabled door on the main door but it's getting the thumbs up anyway. There are lots of people there that will help you with the door if needed. The door is level with the sidewalk though. Inside I was amazed. I'm not too thrilled with this company as I find the majority of their stores are not accessible but this one definately is. Inside you'll find wide aisles, lots of space to move about in. The washroom is completely accessible as well and very large. Levered handle on the washroom door and no stock piled up around the area to fight past. I was very impressed with this store. Other Starbucks can take a lesson or two from this one. Staff is helpful and if you use a cane simply ask for your purchases in a shopping bag and they will gladly do it for you since you only have one able hand to use to carry with.
Steve's Catering Queen St. W. at City Hall Accessible. Steve's catering is a large van that serves fast food. This van is always parked on Queen St. West directly in front of the path that leads from the skate rental booth by the fountain at the New City Hall. Why do I mention this van? When I do want fast food this is the place I go and it's about a 30 minute scooter ride for me. Their food is great and you get large portions for your money, and the lady and man that own this service are great and very helpful. The van is kept clean, the cooking oil is changed a lot and the fries are real potatoes. They have a large selection of foods. Be sure you go to the right van as there are a few vendors there. "SEE PIC"
T.D./Cda Trust Bank Corner of Sherbourne & Bloor St E. This branch has a disabled door. The bank itself is a little small inside. I had to use the bank one day and they were very helpful.
Taco Bell approx. 740 Yonge St. Near Charles St. No address number on the door. They do have a disabled door at this fast food outlet.
Zellers East York Mall (Formally Thorncliffe Park Plaza) This is a huge Zellers on two floors. There are very large elevators at the back of the store. Each level has large aisles. There is a washroom on the mail level but I don't know about it's accessibility. There's also a small store owned restaurant on the main level.
Zellers Gerrard Square Gerrard St. E. just above Pape Ave. This store has one of those gates that prohibits buggies from being removed from the store and it seems a bit tighter than most. You can get through it though, just use caution. There is a 'gate' there on the other side as well that is kept chained shut. This is the actual 'disabled gate'. You have to attrack someone's attention first, then they have to find the key, then you can get in. Leaving is the same situation if you use that particular gate. The store itself has nice size aisles and easy to move around in.

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