The streets of Toronto
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Here you will find some of Toronto's Sts. listed and the good, the bad and the ugly about them.
Street Short Description
Bay St. at Gerrard St. W. This section of sidewalk in front of 777 Bay Street was completely overhauled during the summer months of 2002 and is now much easier to use. It had been one of the worst I've encountered and was then, prior to the revamping, another wonderful example of tree planting with decorative bricking gone very wrong on a main street. This sidewalk was heaving up everywhere and stones were missing.
Bloor Street East - at Jarvis St. roughly North side between Jarvis St. and St. Paul's Square. This sidewalk has been redone during the summer months in 2002. The decorative sidewalk was sunk, lifted and cracked in places and was a pretty bumpy ride but the problems have been corrected and it's a much smoother ride now.
Bloor Street East - at Church St. roughly Between St. Paul's Square and Church St. on Bloor East. This sidewalk was also revamped this past summer and is much better. Previously it was another major bumpy piece of sidewalk.
Church Street (above Bloor St. E) This street is horrendous. Just crossing Bloor on the east side the sidewalks are large decorative slabs that have a lot to be desired. As you move up the street, almost all the way to Yonge St., the sidewalks need major work. There are small trees planted into the sidewalks and around them are decorative stone that has lifted or shifted causing major slopes in areas and some serious hazards. These tree plantings have also reduced the width of the sidewalk greatly in area's and where there is a ramp due to a driveway, etc. your wheelchair/scooter will have to ride on an incline towards the heavily travelled road. These sidewalks have been like this ever since I can remember. They're never repaired. "SEE PICS"
Don Jail Lane - the little road that leads to the Don Jail at Gerrard St. E. This is just wonderful. If you wish to stay on Gerrard St. East, when you get to this small laneway you must go out onto the heavily trafficed street to get past. There is NO ramp on this small island! "SEE PIC"
Dundas St. W. & Elizabeth St. This was lots of fun! Crossing west on Elizabeth off Dundas St. W. When you get to the other side of Elizabeth (the west side) you realize there is a very large lip that if you use enough push to get your scooter up it you can actually damage it. The fun part here was that since we couldn't use it we had to turn around. Picture this. 2 people in scooters turning around on the road. The road being Elizabeth St. What's on Elizabeth St? The back entry to the Grey Coach Terminal! Which means we were dodging buses.
Edward St. at Bay St. The northwest corner has a terrible ramp. It has a large lip on it.
Grenville St. Near Yonge St. There is a laneway there that goes all the way from Wellesley Street East down to College St. It's a great way to get out of the pedestrian traffic on Yonge. The only problem is the ramp where the laneway meets Grenville. It has a large lip and huge potholes. "SEE PIC"

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