The streets of Toronto
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Here you will find some of Toronto's Sts. listed and the good, the bad and the ugly about them.
Street Short Description
Mt. Pleasant (& Southdrive) On the east side of the street at the corner of Mount Pleasant & Southdrive, right at the Rosedale Presbyterian Church, the ramp has a very large lip. It is not a smooth, level ramp.
Ontario Street On the east side of the street from Wellesley St. East to Prospect. Horrendous shape. Needs to be torn up and started over. "SEE PICS"
Mt. Pleasant Mount Pleasant for the most part isn't all that great. At least on the east side of the street. When you cross Southdrive the sidewalk has large, lifted cracks. Also, as you go farther up Mt. Pleasant you'll pass under a bridge. Beware, that underpass is never cleaned and a very large family of pigeons lives in it. On a hot day it is not only messy and you'll have to maneuver around the mess but it smells as well.

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