The streets of Toronto
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Here you will find some of Toronto's Sts. listed and the good, the bad and the ugly about them.
Street Short Description
Sherbourne St. at Howard St. Crossing north at Howard St. from Sherbourne St. There is a hole in the street and the sidewalk has a large chunk out of it as well. The ramp there is bumpy as well.
Sherbourne St. between Howard & Bloor Sts. Going up Sherbourne after Howard St. on the east side of the sidewalk. This sidewalk has some decorative stone that's broken and lifted. Quite a bit of it.
Victoria St. between Queen St. E. & Shuter Extremely bad. Especially the corner of Queen St. E. & Shuter. Considering it's location (St. Michael's Hospital) one would think the city would keep this sidewalk up to par a bit more. " click to SEE PICS of Victoria St."
Wellesley Street East Just past where the old Wellesley Hospital was (160 Wellesley St. E.) going west on the north side of the street there is a large sunken section (looks like a pothole) in the sidewalk that if you hit it, it will cause a considerable jolt and could possibly tip your chair/scooter. Watch for this 'pothole'.
Wellesley St. E. (between Bleecker & Sherbourne Sts) North side of Wellesley St. E. In the winter this section of sidewalk is rarely cleared by the city and is very difficult to pass.
Wellesley St. E. at Homewood At the southeast corner of Wellesley St. E. and Homewood the ramp there has a lot to be desired. Be very careful using this ramp. The southwest ramp is no better and it isn't at the corner, you have to go onto Homewood a bit to get up the ramp on this side when crossing Homewood east to west.

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