You know what it's like. You put out good money at the store to purchase a product then when you get home the fight that ensues to open the box/remove the lid/or open the plastic bag, really isn't worth it or you end up with one hell of a mess after the struggle.

Sometimes we all wonder what is going on in the minds of manufacturers these days. With all the 'disabled awareness' that is suppose to be going on in this day and age in our society we are seeing more and more impractible and absolutely frustrating products out there.

mom's hands        mom's hands
These are my mom's hands and in the not so distant future these will be my hands as well thanks to arthritis and Ehlers Danlos. There are millions of people out there with some form of arthritis. Not all like this but a lot of people are. My mom's hands are extremely painful as well, even just to touch, so opening some of these containers is impossible for her.

These company's are probably not going to appreciate this page but too bad. I've decided to add products as I come across them. It might save someone else some frustration along the line.

listerine caps
Listerine lids

These things are a nightmare if you have any kind of disability that effects your hands or a dexterity problem. You have to pull and squeeze at the same time.

neilson cream containers
cream containers

This one drives me crazy. This is a relatively new lid that Neilson has put on it's cream containers. It's probably been around since early 2003. First you have to unscrew the cap. For a lot of disabled people that's not too too difficult because a lot of us have assisted devices for removing lids..... however......

neilson cream containers
Here is what you get when you unscrew the lid. Inside is an inner lid with a skinny little flimsy rim that you have to manage to grab and pull. Imagine doing this with crippled or swollen fingers. I called Neilson Dairy about this when it first came on the cartons and asked them if they discussed the disabled at all when it came to this new lid and I was told that yes, they did, and matter of fact disabled people approved of it!!! ok, well not this disabled person nor any other's I know with dexterity problems or crippled/swollen/tender fingers. Try again Neilson's.. your story didn't fly with me.
chef boyardee tins
chef boyardee tins

Here is another one. When I first saw this lid I thought it was a good idea. That is until I tried to open it. My hands simply can't do it. To open one of these I have to get a spoon and use it as leverage under that pop top thingy.

bick's pickles
Bick's Pickles

Or really any jar. Next to impossible to open. As you can see a spoon is needed here as well but considering the tenderness and painfulness of my mom's hands most of the time she can't open a jar. I still can however I need the old spoon trick too. See the black circle I put on the picture? If you look really closely you'll see a small dent there. All around jars you'll find these. Put the spoon next to one, not right in the dent, then press and the leverage you get should literally 'pop' the jar lid. You'll hear it. Then the jar can be opened.

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